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Do you crave the high-energy, fast-paced world of fashion? Does the chaos of being on set thrill you like no other? Then YOU belong at . Why waste time and effort on other sites when can provide everything you need to jumpstart your career in the entertainment industry. From day one, students are immersed in the craft of filmmaking and the art of modeling. Get trained in the areas of Stage Acting, TV and Film Acting, Voice-Over, Improv Techniques, Modeling and More! Take the first step in the right direction by selecting a topic below and filling out the form!

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Scams of Las Vegas

Anyone can find themselves a victim of a scam in the entertainment industry, even in Las Vegas. Scammers just like to prey on those that seem like an easy picking, sometimes the more ambitious con artists will even go after those that are veterans in the field of acting and modeling in Las Vegas. It is all about the money, money has become something that is considered having power so even con artists want a slice of an actor or models potential profit and they will do just about anything to obtain their slice of the pie in Las Vegas.
They are good at what they do and this can compromise your peace of mind and safety; they will hone their skills just like you so they can keep up the game. That's why you should be aware of them so you can get the jump on them first as you begin your career. They really like to attack those that are just graduating out of acting or modeling school in Las Vegas. They target graduates because of their lack of experience in the field. You will have a much easier time in Las Vegas if you understand how to spot these con artists before they take you for your worth in Las Vegas.
An undercover investigation really shook the acting community everywhere, even in Las Vegas back in 2017. There were 28 defendants that had criminal charges pressed against them when they were found guilty of being linked to five casting workshops and this was just over alleged pay to play schemes. A year-long effort by government officials found that these workshops had violated the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act when they charged their aspiring actors to participate in auditions. Among those charged were several well-known casting professionals with credits in shows on Netflix, ABC and CBS.
There are scams happening around the country every day, that is just one high profile example of the scams you may actually come across as you start your career in Las Vegas. If you are just starting out or it’s early in your career, you need to be careful about upfront fees, guarantees of employment and really anything that looks too good to be true as you start your career in Las Vegas. A national director and senior counsel at SAG-AFTRA, once said that it is imperative for new actors to talk to those that are more experienced in the industry. Articles online about scams in the entertainment industry can be really helpful in gaining more knowledge however on the ground experience is really invaluable. So you should find yourself a trusted mentor in Las Vegas that can help point out the less than reputable companies and individuals hoping to exploit you.
When you start looking to find yourself a good agency to work with or even just looking for auditions in Las Vegas, you should know that knowing the warning signs is half the battle when it comes to not falling victim to a scam in the entertainment industry. In any actor or entertainment career, there are bad actors. You can spot them by noticing if they have upfront fees. Talent service companies or talent agencies are not allowed to charge upfront fees to their clients in exchange for the promise of securing employment. There are numerous services in places like Las Vegas that market themselves as casting agencies and promise auditions and employment opportunities, offering to promote new actors on their websites.
One sure fire thing you can do as you come around to working with a talent agency before even going to meet them is to check with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement to ensure the business holds the appropriate licenses and permits. You should also ask for references and research online reviews of the business to see if other talent or models have complained about their services. Get everything...contracts, promises in writing and keep copies.
An entertainment industry scam can be a sad affair because actors tend to be very hopeful and obviously you have to be optimistic and hopeful to be an actor in the first place. This hurdle can be so vast, the hurdle is also high, but it can make even the more seasoned actor a little gullible. Though if you are talking to someone in Las Vegas that seems to have “unearned bravado”, they are saying that they are “a big Hollywood manager,” or “Big Hollywood agent,” that is clearly a scam. Also be skeptical if you receive an unsolicited offer. It is a bit of a myth, that actors and models can be discovered anywhere...gas stations, the mall. If you find that someone is approaching you unprompted, do your research.